Heartbeat of Home

I’ve spent quite a bit of time at home in Ireland recently and it’s been lovely. The summer has been glorious and the autumn is looking very bonnie too. One of the nicest things about being home has been working from home. Normally I have to travel much, much further afield and I have to say there’s something good for the soul about going out to work and coming home to your own bed. It won’t last.. I’ll get itchy feet again..will miss all my travel buddies my ‘family of the road’ but it has been fruitful on many levels.

While at home I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in Riverdance producer’s John McColgan and Moya Docherty’s new show Heartbeat of Home. I was invited to the opening night on October 2nd and I can tell you honestly it’s an incredible show. It’s a real feast for the senses. Brian Byrne’s score is uplifting, the band are top notch (some real characters there), and the singing and dancing in the show is beautiful, stunning, athletic, a real tour de force. It will, no doubt, be coming to a city near you. www.heartbeatofhome.com

They are currently recording a DVD and have released two singles from the show Lead me home featuring the beautiful vocals Lucia Evans and Reel of Arrivals featuring little old me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time recording in The Cauldron Studios with Brian and their chief engineer Ciaran Byrne. They were a real delight to work with and have promised never to release my outtakes.

If you are interested in hearing or purchasing the singles you can do so here. https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/reel-arrivals-feat.-paddy/id695408909?i=695408927

I wish the team every success. Go Heartbeat!!


Opening night with musicians Lottie Cullen and Tanya O’Callaghan. 2nd October 2013.



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