All ready for summer.

Just popped by my site today and I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. Time is moving quicker these days it seems. I enjoyed a great time at Celtic Connections in January and Shine are back with a boom! We had a great gig at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow and it was lovely to sing with Mary and Corrina again. The rest of January and early February was spent working on my new solo album which I was working on again last week, it doesn’t even have a title yet so that let’s me know it’s just not ready and all the songs are not yet in place. Something is missing but it’ll come to me. February saw a Stepcrew tour of Texas and the Ottawa Valley which was great fun and Mid February March was the epic tour that is The Chieftains American Spring tour and it was a cold, cold tour this year. Several 6 hour travel days turning into 9 and travelling for hours behind snow ploughs as airports were shut but we made every gig and I experienced a few new cities, namely San Diego where of course there was no snow, I would have liked to have hung there for while.


I took a few weeks out on my return to recharge the batteries and enjoy life in bonnie Wexford but am now just back from another trip but this time to Scotland. (Sigh!) I even managed a trip home to home home (Lewis). The weather at times was glorious and I managed to catch up with lots of folk, more album work was done and two very lovely gigs with Shine. One in Cromarty, which is a favourite part of Scotland so I was dleighted to return there, and the other was a showcase event. 23 bands from Scotland were selected to perform as part of an event hosting North American Promoters and Agents. Our performance to pace at Paisley Abbey. Soooooo, watch this space as we had a very good response to our performance and our fingers are crossed that the results will be good. Will keep you posted.

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