Autumn Adventures

I have been blessed with some interesting projects over the years and two very interesting and different events are coming up.

On the 4th of November I’ll be performing with Irish Dance Company Coisceim as part of the project Talking Dance  – The Art of Performance. This came about after meeting David Bolger Coisceim’s Artistic Director. He had choreographed dance to a piece of canntaireachd I sang under the direction of Brian Byrne for Heartbeat of Home. David was intrigued by the internal rhythms and inflections of the sounds. The piece is performed by dancer Emma O’Kane and myself. I have to remember to keep singing as I could watch Emma and David dance all day.

Across the Atlantic I’ll be taking part in the Country Music Association’s Christmas Special which is to be recorded in Nashville on the 8th November, airing December 2nd on ABC. Musical Director is much respected Grand Ole Opry director Steve Gibson and I’ll be singing with Country Music star and winner of the America’s Celebrity Apprentice, Trace Adkin’s.

Back in February while in Nashville The Chieftains were asked by Trace to perform on his Christmas album. The sessions went really well and producers Jon Coleman and Michael Spriggs asked me to record another song with Trace. How could I resist? The album which is released on October 29th is entitled Tiodhlac an Righ (The King’s Gift). The title of the album was chosen after Coleman/Spriggs asked me to translate the chorus of ‘Three Ships’ into Gaelic. The producers love the sound of the language. I’m really happy to have been asked to be part of this performance and that I’m singing in Gaelic for it. I think it’s going to be a fun show.



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