BBC Proms – Belfast

Sometimes there is so much going on I find it hard to keep up with myself. Exciting things have happened over the last few months and I’ve not had time to write.. There have been gigs in the States and a trip to Spain and lots of good music and good times with great musicians, dancers and friends.

Last year, about this time, I took part in the showcase of a new dance show and this is now coming together. The production team from ‘Riverdance’ are putting a new show on entitled ‘Heartbeat of Home‘. John McColgan called me to ask me if I would sing on the sound track for the show and I spent a few fun days last month recording with composer Brian Byrne at the wonderful Cauldron Studios in Dublin.  The music is glorious and the dancing I have seen so far, stunning. This Saturday the 7th September I’ve been asked to join the cast for a live performance at this years Belfast BBC Proms  so please do tune in.

The show previews in Dublin from the 25th of September and opens on the 2nd October before heading to China and Canada. I’m wishing everybody all the very best – they’ve worked hard.



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