Dán – the day of reckoning is nearly here…

So Monday the 13th of August is the day all of Dán finally get together. 14 musicians from Scotland, Ireland, England and Brittany will come together to share their music in a blend of old and new, jazz and trad. Some have never met before and some are old friends. The bands involved include Kan and Guidewires and members of the Breton Quartet: Geoffroy Tamisier – Trumpet Brittany (Orchestre National de Jazz)
Janick Martin – Accordion Brittany (Hamon Martin Quintet)
Jacques Pellen – Guitar Brittany (Dan Ar Braz – Heritage De Celtes)
Etienne Callac – Bass Brittany (Guichen Quartet).


It’s going to be a big full sound and full of big full fun I think. Please pop by for more revelations over the next week. Click here for tour details

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