Fingers crossed…

Not that I lifingers_crossed____by_pyroklutz94-d33pl0ake to leave anything down to luck but this time next week I should be sitting down with The Chieftains in Wilmington, DE rehearsing for the first big tour of the year 4weeks coast to coast in the USA. I’m only saying ‘fingers crossed’ as currently I have a horrid bug of some sort that is making it difficult to do anything but lie still. Movement causes me to turn green around the gills. My fingers are working ok so that’s good enough for posting updates and emails and my mouth is working too so Husband is getting regular updates on how horrid I feel but I’m gonna need a bit more that this working before I leave next Sunday. (I don’t think Paddy will approve of me just phoning in the gig.) So if you have any remedies for feeling ‘puke-y’ or some new mind over matter techniques they’ll be much appreciated.

All being well you can catch, a hopefully not green, me here till the 22nd March.


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