Good Wishes for 2014.

2013 was quite a year. 2014 you have much to live up to. Not just because of all the interesting projects and music that was made along the way or because of the days of empty diary being filled with unexpected treats that tested my ‘metal’ as well as my ability. Nor for the many trips near or far.  Nor just because of the friendships rekindled and new ones forged or the fact we bought a house and I now call Ireland ‘HOME’ (though Lewis will always be HOME, HOME) or the fact I got to spend precious time with my Husband and family and friends with whom I have sung and danced and laughed and just sat with, but because of all of these combined and the lessons taught me.


Work is not everything but it is a gift that I am lucky enough to love my job. Family and friends and the support and care of them is paramount. That people support me in my job – is amazing. It can be a battle so support is much appreciated however, without a hint of maudling (Scots word for ‘sentimental’), life can be such a battle, that we get to share that particular battle at times with others takes courage and stamina yet the rewards are 10 fold. Yes I’d like to keep on singing and making music and travelling but I’d also very much like to keep on sharing and reminding myself to keep positive and keep an open heart. 2013, a lot was learned. 2014, I hope I can keep open enough to continue so.


Wishing you all openness and the love that can go with that. XXXX



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