Happy New Year!

img_1442As we draw close to the end of 2016 I’d like to wish you all the best for 2017. It’s been said that 2016 was a particularly tough year. I’ve heard it time and time again via media and it has undoubtedly had its shocks. There seems to be a level of uncertainty about what the future holds but that, by its very nature, is ‘the future’. However, I do believe we humans are built to develop and cope. This year I’ve duet-ed with Kris Kristofferson, performed my first solo tour of Germany and ended the year writing and arranging a Gaelic song for Choir. Each of these were nerve-racking. The composition saw me completely out of my comfort zone but I ended up really enjoying the experience and who knows I might just do it again. It’s said when you feel nervous about something that’s where the good stuff happens and the next time won’t be so difficult. They also say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! So, hopefully, 2017 will see changes that we are all able to cope with even if they seem big or difficult. We might even surprise ourselves by what these changes galvanize in us!

Happy New Year! Alyth XX






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