History in the making.

Yesterday I took part in a Gala performance at the Convention Centre, Dublin for Queen Elizabeth. I shared the stage with The Chieftains, the RTE Symphony Orchestra, Eimear Quinn, members of Damsha, Riverdance, Mary Byrne and Westlife. An interesting combination I have to say but it was a great gig and it’s an interesting time in Ireland. Generally her visit seems to have been accepted well. Of course there were some disruptances and clashes.

Note was given to the ‘sad and regrettable’ mistakes made by Britain. Whatever peoples views are of the Royal family I hope at least out of this visit some good will come regards the relationship between Britain and Ireland. Many people have been moved by the visit as for them it marks a change in attitute and a realisation that Ireland and Britain have moved on. It has been fascinating as a Scot to be thrust into the centre of this event in Ireland. I wonder if there might be more bridges built with Scotland in the future too? I hope so.

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