Hitting the road November/December Country Style

I travel a lot. If you follow facebook, twitter, instagram or tap into this blog now and again you’ll see this. Of late I have been to Scotland, my homeland, I have travelled Spain and Canada earlier this summer and have already done 3 loooong tours in America this year. I am home but it’s brief as I head back to the US next Wednesday, November 5th, for 6 and half weeks. This is going to be touring with a difference though. I’m joining Country Star Trace Adkins and his mighty band and crew for a 27 date tour of the USA and we’re busing it. We’re gonna be in 4 big blacked out tour buses with bunks and kitchens and showers and, hopefully, a loo and we’ll be submarining it! Justin Currie described it to me as this once. You travel after the gig, into the dark, through the night and wake up not just in a different town but often a different state. (Gosh from America you could wake up in a different country?) We are literally going to be hitting the road… and I can’t wait!

IMG_3680[1]Starting in Nashville I’m going to catch up with friends. I’m very excited to be singing with Trace (I’ll try my very best not to swoon) and to be sharing the stage with his tip top band. I am also looking forward to meeting his fans along the way and to making a few new friends too. Check my gigs page for details.

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