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I have had the most wonderful start to the year. Great gigs at Celtic Connections, an extensive and interesting tour of the States with The Chieftains and adventures in new places like Alaska with The StepCrew. Highlights were definitely the recording in Nashville with Trace Adkins and producers Jon Coleman and Michael Spriggs and the trip to Alaska. What a wild and vast wilderness Alaska still seems to be. People were very friendly though and we had a great time especially the day we went ‘mushing’.


Now I am home and am intending to be here for a few good few weeks. In many ways I feel like I’ve been on the road since the Japan trip with The StepCrew back in Nov/Dec 2011. The longest I’ve been home since then is two weeks and I’ve enjoyed all my various trips but it’s time for a little R&R now.


My latest project is my HOME STUDIO. I am pretty excited about this. I LOVE recording so am going to be tickled if I can organise things so I can record here at home. Have so far managed to upload the recording software, download the various drivers and licenses I need and connect the hardware but I’ve still a little ways to go… Might need a little help with this; I’ll keep you posted. Once I’m up and running though it’s gonna be AWESOME! (yes, I have spent a lot of time in the States.)

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