ANE Records was set up by Ályth back in 2008 for the production and release of music by Ályth and the many projects and musicians she works with.

‘ANE’ is the Scots word for one; representing unity, togetherness. If something is ‘yer ane’ (your own) it’s yours to treasure, to share, to pass on.


ANE Records has released two albums to date.

People like me – Ályth (2009)

This was recorded in Scotland and Ireland under the guidance of producer Calum Maclolm (The Blue Nile). It features songs in both Scots Gaelic and English. Traditional Gaelic songs spanning many centuries stand aside new songs written by contemporary songs writers such as Boo Hewerdine, Brendan Graham and Justin Currie. Justin also sings on the album. It was licensed to Navigator Records in 2009 and they inturn licensed to Compass Records in North America  in 2010. It has recently received widespread distrubution with Reader’s Digest in the US.

RED & GOLD  – Ályth McCormack & Tríona Marshall (2011)

This was recorded in the wilds of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Produced by Ályth, Tríona and musician Jonny Hardie. Again it is a blend of traditional and contempoary material in both Scots Gaelic and English. It has received great reviews and has been released in Scotland, Ireland and the UK and is to be released in Japan via Plankton.

The next project due for release is a DVD: Ályth McCormack’s  – Live in Lewis. Recorded live on Ályth’s home Island of Lewis, in the Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland. Ályth performed a very special concert in her home town of Stornoway back in April of 2011 and it was recorded for this project. The project is a reflective view of the Island she loves and misses, the culture that she grew up amidst and how that has shaped her own life and work.

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