Musiques Nouvelles is a group of virtuoso and inventive musicians taking part seasonally in about forty concerts and trans-disciplinary performances (video, dance, literature, electronic arts, installations…), of which around twenty are new works. They were founded by Henry Pousseur and Pierre Bartholomée in 1962. Amongst others, it produces discographic recordings, organises residencies of world-known foreign composers, edits a publication, develops new technological supports related to multimedia as an instrument of creation as well as a diffusion device. Musiques Nouvelles has been based in Mons (Belgium) since 1998 and is under the atistic direction of the composer, cellist and conductor Jean-Paul Dessy.

Alyth has been working with the ensemble since meeting Jean Paul while working on the St Kilda Opera (L’île des Hommes-Oiseaux – The Island of Birdmen) in Mons Belgium in 2007. The opera then went on to open the Edinburgh International Festival in 2009.

From this Jean Paul has developed a love of Gaelic song and also Alyth’s voice and each year invites her to perform with the Musiques Nouvelles ensemble as part of their Sonic Cathedral performances. Alyth is given the freedom to sing over the ensembles moving, fluid, intricate playing and Jean Paul’s beautiful composition. It is exciting, inventive and uplifting and the venues are glorious. A powerful combination. For more information click Musiques Nouvelles