Off road.

I have to say I’ve been a wee bit spoilt this summer – I’ve had so much time at home. It’s a funny thing as it’s time you always look forward to and yet it can be time that you don’t always know what to do with. If it’s 1 or 2 weeks that’s easy as there are always things to catch up on but if longer than that it can become a little bit disconcerting. You can sometimes begin to wonder who you are??

I mean I LOVE cooking and enjoy home-cooking, especially after being on the road and eating out much of the time, but that’s not my job. I enjoy gardening but I’m not (to quote a June Tabor song) ‘A Proper sort of Gardener’. I also enjoy reading, exercising, going to gigs, the theatre but…you get my drift. I’m a singer and performer and I need to do that. So, safe to say, meals have been cooked and weeds have been pulled, gigs have been attended, plays and opera’s seen.. We’ve friends coming to visit with their children so the house will be full for the next week but then it’ll be time to start gearing up again as a month of touring The States with The StepCrew awaits. I will miss my Hubby – a lot – but (thankfully he understands this) a singer has to SING!!

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