Alyth’s solo CD.

What the critics say: The Irish Edition – Philadelphia 2002

“…Alyth is from the Isle of Lewis and sings in Gaelic. She has a soft, almost gentle voice: a sad lilt that tugs at something deep inside, a loneliness that creeps up on you during each song. ….

But again, it's the arrangements which take the songs to another level. At times disturbing, at times amusing, but always moving. I am reminded of some of the work by the Kronos Quartet or the Beatles at their most adventurous…creating a compulsive recording that I play over and over. There is a handful of performers…who, while deeply involved in tradition, make relevant connections with alternative styles. Alyth is one of this handful”. What Alyth say’s: Having been brought up in Lewis I was immersed in a very strong musical culture. Because of this I was inspired to go on and study music; to be creative. These songs are not romantic and neither is living in the islands. The weather is bad, life can be tough. people wrote about what they experienced and I sing it the way I experienced it. I’m a story teller. This is part of my story.


Price: €10.00

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