Open Secrets is a project combining spoken word, poetry, song and music. Alyth has been working for some years now with the Global Music Foundation and this project grew from there combining the work of poets: Richard Douglas Pennant, Pere Rovire, Meritxell Nus, the Frank Harrison Jazz Trio and Ályth. This beautiful album was recorded in Italy in January of 2011.

Artistic Director of Open Secrets, Josep Ramon Jove, writes this: 'Art is a way of communicating truth and beauty. For those of us who are convinced that beauty can only come out of the truth, the effort involved in shaping an artwork is an intemse and deeply satisfying experience. Open Secrets was made in ths spirit, with an honesty embedded in each note and each word; with a pulse woven through each verse; with the timeless essence of jazz and the influence of our ancestors as evoked through Celtic Folk music....'


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