Round up.

I’ve had a very buzy few months that I am most grateful for. It has been lots of fun. Singing with Kris Kristofferson was a heck of a way to start the year but since then there have been other memorable trips: The Chieftains and The StepCrew in the US, Triona Marshall in Spain and solo gigs in Germany (a first for many years) teaching and performing with Shine in Scotland our last gig was performing in the beautiful surroundings of Rosslyn Chapel (think Da Vinci code). Now I am home for a little R&R before the summer festival season begins.

I’ve decided to set myself a goal during this down time. I used to be addicted to running, whihc was great as it is so good for your body and mind, but over the last few years I’ve got out of the habit – you can find umpteen excuses when you are on the road but the truth is there really shouldn’t be any. Once I flew to New York and the first thing I did once I got to my hotel was put my running shoes on and go for a run in Central Park. That was back in 2006. I want to feel that way about running again! So, I have set myself a 30 day running challenge. I want to run 5 miles everyday for the next 30 days. See the video below and feel free to encourage me if you have the time.

The aim is that at the end of the 30days hopefully I’ll be packing my running shoes and using them this summer in France, the US and back in bonnie Scotland. Raaaaoooorrr!


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