The journey home begins.

I’m sitting at Tampa airport ready for our flight home. Washington first then Dublin. Husband is with me. In the 6 years since we married this is the first long haul flight we have done together. Given we are both musicians I am surprised and yet not.

I have been here in the USA for 8 and a half weeks now. Does it feel like a long time? Yes, but that’s no bad thing. Much has been accomplished. 25 gigs, I’d say 18 of them were new venues to me, 25 new audiences as these have been country fans not my usual Celtic counterparts, 1 whole new band of 12 very talented musicians whom I now call my friends, 4 of whom are the most delightful young ladies, 8 crew who looked out for me, 1 bus driver who taught me how to say ‘y’all’ like a true Tennessean and 1 mighty tall singer, superstar and gentleman Trace Adkins who was an absolute joy to sing with.

Thank you to everyone that has made me feel welcome while here to those who popped by my website and left notes, or contacted me via facebook or twitter, or chatted after the gigs. Your kind words can make a huge difference to someone who is away from home for so long and misses her Hubby though she loves what she does for a living. Other welcomes were proffered in the form of Michael Spriggs’s daily walks, chats, sightseeing and musical musings, Michael Stribbling, the Emily’s, Erin and Mighty Megan with so much fun & laughter, Jon Coleman and Jenna showing me the ropes, showing me around and for my first real American Thanksgiving, JW and Debra for good company, Jack Knepley and Cliff making me sound so darn good and all the members of the band and Mr Jason Crabb for being a freaking joy to listen too and sing with.

I don’t like saying goodbye so I won’t, this is just a ‘See you later, y’all!’


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