The Letterman Show

The Chieftain’s 50th Anniversary tour of the States was quite a trip. Visited one or two States I’d not been to before, travelling West to East from California to New York and made a few new friends on the way. Some of which are the great American indie band from Providence, Rhode Island – The Low Anthem. I love Ben’s voice. They played two gigs with us, one for WGBH radio in Boston and the other in the Carnegie Hall St Particks Day – that was quite an event – there were 50 Breton pipers and dancers and 50 Highland pipers and drummers too! Pretty memorable, but the one I think I most enjoyed was playing The David Letterman show live in New York. You can see footage here: The Chieftains & The Low Anthem – School Days Over – David Letterman 3-13-12

The Low Anthem are super nice guys & girl, I love their sound and the Letterman show was a blast. I even bumped into Cee Lo Green. I wonder what the UK tour will have in store for us?

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