Today’s the day – Album launch.

I’ve been looking forward to today for sometime now and finally it’s here and…I am as high as a kite! Have been awake for the last 2 hours and I only got to bed at 2 so I am hoping I don’t run out of steam before my final gig tonight. Launch is at 12pm, live radio at half 3, then a gig at the HebCelt Fest’s Acoustic Tent out on the main grounds this evening at half 6. (It’s being raining hard so I think I’ll be in my wellies!) Then tomorrow I have the company of the lovely Shine for our gig. (I think the term is ‘happy as Larry’)

I rehearsed with the lovely Brain Mcalpine last night and I am feeling good. He’s brilliant, exactly the guy you want on your team. He’s an amazing musician, he’s a rock and a very funny man too so when I’m getting nervous and a wee bit ‘aaaargh’ he always keep things light. So glad he’s here. We’ll also be joined later by the equally talented and very calm Alasdair White on fiddle. Ali had his own commission last night An Iuchar – The Key and I went out to the main tent to see himself and the lads including Aaron Jones, Ewan Macpherson, Jarlath Henderson, Martin O’Neill, Alan Kelly and the lovely Gillie Mackenzie on vocals. I didn’t catch the name of the Highland piper but he was mighty! Great writing, some cracking tunes and excellent playing. Top notch stuff!

I think I set my alarm this morning for half 8 so maybe I’ll try and have a wee nap now…save some energy.

If you’re in the Stornoway area about 12pm come into An Lanntair for the launch…even just to see if I’m still awake. 😉


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