Today’s the day.

I can’t really belive it’s here already. This time last year I was just calming down after performing on the Country Music Special with Country Star Trace Adkins at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, a career high in itself, and now I’m preparing to go on tour with Trace and his amazing group of musicans for 6 weeks. How’d this happen?

I know in part it’s to do with The Chieftains, and I am greatful for that. It’s also due to being brought up on Lewis, and it’s songs and music, but it’s also to do with the lovely duo of producers that are Jon Coleman and Michael Spriggs and then of course there’s big fella himself. For some reason they let me loose on a couple of Trace’s album tracks and look where that kind of crazy idea gets us!

I am forever greatful to all the wonderful musicians I get to work, whether they like it or not they all occupy a little piece of me, I’m a bit of a soft sod in that respect.

Today at 7pm we’re off on the tour bus and though I know it’s going to hard work at times, long days and missing my Hubby, I know we’ll have fun along the way and there will no doubt be stories for the grandchildren. 😉

Yippee! x

For Trace’s Tour dates – click here


8 Responses to Today’s the day.

  1. karen bozek says:

    Alyth, I was lucky to see you and Trace at the ppac in Providence RI and i loved the show thanks so much. I truly needed the uplift for my spirits. I hope in the future to see you again and hear your wonderful voice. It is like a breath of fresh air/. Again thanks so much

    • admin says:

      Dear Karen, thank you so much for your lovely message. i do love it when people feel moved to write. I will be back over in the US in February & March performing with The Chieftains. maybe we’ll catch up then. Details are at and closer to the time I will also post them here on my website. Wishing you well & happy holidays! Alyth

  2. Henry Brown says:

    Alyth- The Trace Adkins show with you at the Morris Civic, South Bend, IN was superb. I especially loved your Gaelic singing. It was truly the best, a gift from your hearts. Cogratulations to Michael Spriggs as well. It was great talking to you both at Fiddler’s Hearth Pub after the show. Have a Happy Holiday and musicical season. HHB

    • admin says:

      Thanks Henry! I’ll pass on your thoughts to Michael. He`s a great man. The Fiddler’s Hearth is a fine pub too – shame we couldn’t stay a little longer. 😉

  3. Mary says:

    Just heard you sing at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington. You were amazing!

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Mary. I really enjoyed the gig. It’s a joy to sing on the show. It’s also a lovely old venue. I’m glad the kept it and upgraded it as opposed to knocking it down. Trace was in fine form – as ever!

  4. Freddy says:

    Congratulations, enjoy the Tour!

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