I was very happy to be involved in this project curated by Julie Fowlis for the HebCelt Festival. 

The second of our special commissions for the Seisean HebCelt series has Julie Fowlis at the helm. “Puirt” is a joyous celebration of song, music and dance, featuring at its heart a puirt à beul selection. Puirt à beul or ‘mouth music’, often associated with dance, is a Gaelic cultural tradition dating back to the 17th century and has become synonymous with the musical traditions of Scotland, Ireland and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Involving performers including Julie, Kathleen Macinnes, Cathy Ann MacPhee, Eilidh & Fiona Mackenzie, Alyth McCormack, Anna Murray, Ceitlin Lilidh, Josie Duncan, Eamon Doorley, Alex Tearse, Jane Hepburn Macmillan, Innes White, James Duncan Mackenzie, Jayne Macleod and Sophie Stephenson. “Puirt” highlights the rich cultural connection that HebCelt holds to its heart. We hope you’ve packed your dancing shoes. Enjoy!

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